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Have you ever gone to a testimonial page and read anything negative. Probably not. Personally, I never waste my time on testimonials. I know what I'm going to read. It's the same every time. They might as well have been written by the practitioners themselves. And many times they are.

In fact, my professional organization prohibits the soliciting of testimonials because they feel it puts pressure on the client and is manipulative. Think about it. If someone asks you to write something nice about them, that puts some pressure on you. If you say no, they might think you don't like them, or don't respect them, or something like that. But there may be other reasons why you don't want to advertise your therapy accomplishments. These reasons may be deeply personal and even difficult to articulate.

This could cause a rupture in the relationship. In NLP it is called a loss of rapport. Sometimes this can be repaired, sometimes not. Many clients might avoid risking any relationship dissonance by saying something nice just to please the person. Especially, if that person is important to you — like your therapist. And if you have had a good experience, you may be apt to exaggerate your gains to give a stronger impression and look like a “Better Client”.

I don't want to put my clients through any of this. To me, it's not worth the risk. It might be fine, but it might also not be fine. And it might be misleading to the public.

Sure, I have had many successful client outcomes. I wouldn't have been able to stay in private practice since 2001 without positive results. So, in the spirit of conspicuous, yet ethical marketing, while keeping my client's well being and peace of mind paramount, I am writing this testimonial MYSELF!

Since I started giving therapy sessions, I feel much better. It has changed my life in a positive way in more ways than I could describe. It hasn't taken all difficulty away, but it has made me more able to handle adverse circumstances and emerge stronger, smarter, and wiser. I would hope at least a few of my clients could say the same. Many have, to me personally.

I suppose if I had seen Barack Obama as a client, and he was impressed with the work, it might be worth mentioning. And that might make you want to try this out, too. However, he probably wouldn't want anyone to know, so I couldn't tell you about. But that brings me to an interesting point.

The best testimonials come from the people you know. If your sister, brother, parent, partner, boss, coworker, or plumber's uncle's wife had a good experience, you might also be curious to try it. In fact, that's how I get most of my clients. You may even be one of those people right now who is reading this because you know someone who benefited from the work.

If not, you're in the position of having to make a choice based on reading this, examining my web page, checking internet sources for verification, and then talking to me or even meeting me personally. It may require some time and energy. However, therapy itself requires time and energy. I can lead you up the mountain, but you have to do the climbing. It can be an amazing journey, though.

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